4 Civilians Killed In 2 Separate Israeli Strikes On Lebanon

In a series of devastating events, south Lebanon witnessed the loss of four civilians, including two journalists, due to Israeli bombardment. Among the deceased were Al-Mayadeen reporter Farah Omar, 25, and Rabih al-Maamari, a father of two.

The strike, which targeted a group of journalists between Tayr Harfa and al-Jebbayn, also claimed the life of Hussein Akel, a local civilian assisting the journalists.

Ghassan bin Jiddo, Al-Mayadeen director, expressed his grief in a live broadcast, stating, “It was a direct attack, it was not by chance.”

This incident follows the recent ban of pro-Hezbollah Al-Mayadeen TV in Israel, intensifying the tension. Lebanese Information Minister Ziad Makary condemned the strike as “outrageous,” and Hezbollah’s media relations department promised that these attacks “will not go unpunished.”

In a separate incident, an 80-year-old woman, Laiqa Sarhan, was killed in her home in Kfarkela during an Israeli airstrike, further escalating the civilian toll.

This event adds to the growing list of casualties in the region. On October 13, Reuters journalist Issam Abdallah was killed while covering cross-border fire.

According to an AFP tally, the conflict has resulted in at least 95 Lebanese casualties, predominantly Hezbollah combatants, but also including at least 14 civilians and three journalists.

The Lebanon-Israel border remains tense, with daily exchanges of fire since the Israel-Hamas war began on October 7. The situation escalated further with Hezbollah targeting Israeli troops in Metulla, northern Israel, with anti-tank missiles.

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