4 Hamas Members Killed In Israeli Strike On Car In South Lebanon


In a recent development, an Israeli airstrike targeted a car in the Al-Shaityeh area of South Lebanon, resulting in the deaths of four Hamas members.

The strike, which adds to the ongoing tensions in the region, has drawn significant attention and raises concerns about further escalation.

Previously today in a tragic strike in south Lebanon, four, including journalists Farah Omar and Rabih al-Maamari, were killed by Israeli forces. The attack targeted a journalist group, also claiming Hussein Akel’s life. Al-Mayadeen director Ghassan bin Jiddo labeled the strike deliberate.

The incident, following Al-Mayadeen’s ban in Israel, escalated tensions. A separate airstrike killed 80-year-old Laiqa Sarhan in Kfarkela, increasing civilian casualties. The ongoing conflict has led to 95 Lebanese deaths, intensifying Lebanon-Israel border tensions.

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