4 Lebanese Emerging Designers Were Just Featured On Fashion Trust Arabia 2022 Finalists

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For the 4th year and with more than 1,000 applications, Fashion Trust Arabia (FTA) has featured 24 emerging designers from the region who have made it as Finalists for the 2022 Fashion Trust Arabia Prize.

The 2022 awards were divided into 5 categories, namely: ready-to-wear, evening wear, accessories, jewelry, and debut talent.

The finalists will later showcase their works in front of the FTA jury, on October 26th, 2022, in Doha, where 6 winners will be announced during the 2022 Awards Ceremony.

Among the 24 emerging designers featured from across the region, 4 Lebanese designers were showcased as finalists, including Renwa Yassine, Rym Beydoun, Alexandra Hakim, and Claudia Khachan.

Renwa Yassine – Ready-to-Wear

Fashion Trust Arabia

Born in 2019, Renwa Yassine’s label, RĒNWA, reflects on the creative expression of multiculturalism brought by the Lebanese designer’s upbringing in Côte d’Ivoire.

RĒNWA’s mission is to bring sustainability and cultural diversity to the Lebanese and Ivorian cultures.

Rym Beydoun – Ready-to-Wear

Fashion Trust Arabia

The Lebanese immigrant and Ivorian-raised, Rym Beydoun, initiated her brand Super Yaya, experimenting with West African culture, and hand-dyed fabrics printed in Côte d’Ivoire before and stitched in Beirut.

Alexandra Hakim – Jewelry

Fashion Trust Arabia

The talented Alexandra Hakim is now gaining recognition for her handcrafted and sustainable jewelry.

The Lebanese jewelry maker is now designing stunning and unique pieces for her brand launched in Lebanon in 2016.

Claudia Khachan – Debut Talent

Fashion Trust Arabia

SaintBalech by Claudia Khachan is a collective fashion brand that creates affordable items for everyone.

The Lebanese brand also uses sustainability to make free-expressive fashion pieces.

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