40+ Pictures From The Splendid Village Of Qnat In Lebanon

@jackwakim | @chaficelhallal

Qnat is a name of Syriac origin meaning “to win” and referring to the goddess Anat in Greek mythology. Located in the Bcharreh district, Qnat is a stunning representation of Lebanon’s small authentic villages.

Qnat is bordered by beautiful mountains and valleys and neighbors the cedar forests of Tannourine and Hadath el-Jebbeh.

Nestled in Lebanon’s heights at an altitude of 1200m, the vibrant colors of the village beautifully represent Lebanon’s four seasons, red autumn, white and serene winters, and bright spring and summer.

Qnat is also home to an outstanding architectural and religious heritage. The village is home to spectacular monasteries, such as Mar Chayna church founded in 1800 on the remains of a pagan temple, Mar Sarkis was Bakhos church and Mar Challita convent.

A traditional village, its houses are the typical Lebanese old architecture, built with raw stones and roofed with red tiles.

The village boasts sublime small waterfalls, as well as the vine, fig, apple, pear, and olive cultivation, and a hiking trail along the cave where Saint Challita monastery was located.