5 Dilemmas You Just Can’t Avoid on a Typical Lebanese Sunday Lunch

When we say Sunday in Lebanon, we automatically mean a warm family gathering over a feast that could either happen at one of a family member’s place or at a restaurant. If you guys have by any chance decided to have an outdoor feast, be prepared to deal with the following dilemmas. We even suggest you be equipped with all the answers to the questions you may be asked.


#1. Tabbouleh or Fattoush?

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Yes, you heard it right. These two Lebanese salad dishes are our most popular ones and come as an essential starter, particularly when speaking about an authentic Lebanese lunch.


However, given the fact that not all the family members may have the same preferences, you guys will be struggling to decide upon which salad you’ll go for. Be mindful that you are not the only ones at the restaurant and that the waiters have plenty of other tables to serve, so think wisely and make your decision ahead of time.

#2. Hummus or Baba Ghannouj? 

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Again, you might be in love with Hummus while your dad might not. Chances are you will be opting for them both after you spend hours negotiating this dilemma and making the waiters consider their resignation letter.

#3. Should We Order Lahmeh Meshwiyeh (Grilled Meat)?

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Here comes the endless debate. Almost everyone likes to have that kind of Lahmeh Meshwiyeh or Grilled Meat, but not everyone is willing to compromise on how it will taste like. You will find the family members arguing around that and recalling bad experiences they had with this dish in particular.

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Problem is, we don’t even know as Lebanese what we want it, Do we want the grill well-done yet lean, juicy, tender and delicious all at a time. In any case, you will find your family members complaining about it no matter what.


#4. Check Estimation

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Now that you have enjoyed a fulfilling and satisfying lunch, it’s time to estimate the bill together. While we can simply order the check from the waiter and save ourselves the drama, we Lebanese often tend to question things and add a sense of thrill and suspense to them.


Much more than that, we start placing bets on the bills and “fight” over who will see the check first!

#5. Payment and Tips

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Lastly, when the bets are placed and the bill amount is revealed, another “fight” will commence around who will take care of the bill. Don’t get me wrong. The one deeming himself more important at the table pays the bill.

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So, it could be really ego-insulting that someone else does the honor. This may even escalate to the next level of high-pitch argument, and to a point where others around you may really think that you guys are fighting.


Once you luckily agree on who will get it, “this time” at least, you start questioning the tip amount you want to give according to an extended evaluation and participatory study that may take another hour or two.

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