5 Amazing Extreme Sports You Can Do In Lebanon This Summer

Paragliding Jounieh Club | Dale Corazon

Extreme sports are a unique kind of physical activity. For a few moments, it’s life on the edge. Heart beating out of your chest, blood rushing through your veins, and energy flowing in every fiber of your body, this is the most you’ll ever feel alive.

For those of you who are hesitant or afraid of trying an extreme sport, it is a way to get out of your comfort zone, and experience and feel something new. It’s a way to let go.

Paragliding in Jounieh

Soaring from a mountain top in Ghosta, the Jounieh bay and Lebanon will never look more beautiful.

When you’re up in the sky, you’ll feel like a bird, human problems forgotten. You’ll eventually land on a beautiful strip in the center of Jounieh Bay, which is considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

However, not all pilots paragliding in Jounieh are certified. So, for more assurance, please ask for certificates before flying.

For more information, check out Paragliding Club Thermique on their website or contact them on this number +961 3 933 359.

Rafting on Assi River

Five waterfalls along the Assi river will get the adrenaline rushing through your body. The ride lasts for about 2 hours, but not all of it is that intense.

Besides getting a healthy dose of thrilling fear, you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful greenery as you’re coasting along the stream.

The Assi river is located in the North of the Bekaa Valley, 3 hours away from Beirut. You can spend the night there as well since there are many camping sites around the river.

Rock Climbing in Tannourine

Rock climbing is a test of precision, endurance, and acting under pressure. When reaching a certain height and looking down, an eerie fear starts to creep in. But for adrenaline junkies, this is exactly the unique exhilaration they’re seeking.

Tannourine al-Tahta has a very popular spot for rock climbing where many instructors are there to help and provide you with the needed gear and equipment.

For more information, contact 03 807 854

Scuba Diving

Entering the water underworld is a unique experience where you get to explore the mysterious depths of the Mediterranean Sea. You’ll find underwater caves, shipwrecks, tunnels, turtles, and spectacular spots and sights.

Scuba diving in Lebanon is a fascinating experience.

For more information, contact 76309909 or visit: Scuba Diving Schools In Lebanon For When You’re Ready To Explore What’s Down There.


A flyboard is similar to a jetpack but it uses water to thrust you upwards. It takes practice to be able to control it but once you do, the thrill you feel is worth it

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