5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Jezzine’s Waterfall

Jezzine, the capital of Jezzine District, is a beautiful village located in South Lebanon.

It is 70 km away from Beirut and is considered one of the main summer resort and tourist destination of South Lebanon. 

One of the main landmarks and tourist attractions, among many in Jezzine, are the town’s breathtaking waterfalls. This unique site in Lebanon has been an important destination for locals and tourists.

Here are 5 interesting facts that you should know about Jezzine’s waterfalls.

#1 It’s among the tallest in the world

The waterfalls are located on the edge of the town and fall down the valley below. Some are as high as 90 m in altitude (295 ft or 30-story tall).

#2 It’s an important water junction

The water flows from Jezzine Spring and goes down Jezzine’s River. After the fall, water meets with the Awali River and they both end up in the Litani power plant – that provides electricity to more than 50% of the South of Lebanon.

#3 It is not always running

If you’re ever thinking about visiting the place, you should do it between September and May so you don’t get disappointed. In fact, the waterfall gets a drought from June to August.


Just like any other waterfall, it makes noise! But Jezzine’s waterfall happens to be a very loud one and could be heard in neighbouring areas such as Bkassine and Sabbah.

#5 It is a historical site

Aside from being a beautiful natural wonder, the waterfall also has a historical aspect. Right under it is the famous Fakhr El-Din Grotto.

The cave is actually a tunnel that people can get into only by crawling. It was named after the Lebanese Emir since it was his hideaway from the Ottomans.

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