5 Lebanese Vineyards Were Just Ranked Among The Best In The World

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Lebanon’s fertile lands, suitable weather, and grapevines are known for producing the most exquisite wine in the world.

The production of wine in the country started thousands of years ago during the Phoenician era, which used the wine trade to grow its wealth.

The legacy has prevailed ever since. Many Lebanese wine brands have even crossed the oceans to cater to wine lovers worldwide.

So it is no surprise that 5 Lebanese vineyards have just made it on the World’s Best Vineyards 2022’s 51-100 list, among famous wineries in Italy, Australia, the USA, Portugal, South Africa, India, Bulgaria, and Greece.

Here are the results:

#51 Karam Wines – Jezzine

#59 Château Khoury – Bekaa Valley

#67 Chateau Oumsiyat – Bekaa Valley

#68 Château Héritage – Bekaa Valley

#100 Atibaia – Batroun

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