5 Lebanese Women Who Will Make You Want to Hit The Gym!

The Lebanese woman is a handful and truly a bunch of distinctive features that, truth be told, get her spotted as Lebanese whenever abroad. At least that what foreigners have said about us. Beautiful, yes, but also smart, well-articulated, funny, elegant, self-confident, tasteful, nurturing, and caring of her family and friends.


With all that, adding the household responsibilities that are culturally on the mothers, she manages to also find time to be self-caring.

While fitness was not really an important part of our previous generations, it is very much now. It has actually become far more than a trend with our Lebanese women. 

The wave for health and fitness lifestyle is sweeping through our homes, and these top 5 fitness promoters, who have taken Instagram by a storm, are the tip of the iceberg.


#1 Baraa El-Sabbagh

Via Baraa El Sabbagh

Baraa radiates positivity and makes you think twice if you’re really living up to your full fitness potential. She is a certified dietician, author, and personal trainer.


Baraa captures her viewers to not look at dieting and weight training as a frustrating chore but more along the lines of a lifestyle change. The food that she incorporates in her diets is always well-balanced.

She manages to relate to her viewers who may not always have time to go to a gym; so she creates ways to bring the gym to them at home!

She’s gone even further to uplift her fellow women to a higher level of health. She has made available to them cookbooks of her own creation for healthy and easy cooked meals. They can be found in various bookstores across Lebanon.


#2 Sara Moubarak

Via Sara_Sutra

Sara Moubarak, known as Sara_Sutra on Instagram, is a certified vegan yoga and pilates instructor. When you come across her Instagram profile, it glows with wholesome content, making you feel at peace. That peace that she gives off is the same that she tries to teach her fellow yoga and pilates students. Sara makes you want to experience this form of self-control and inner peace.


#3 Clara Abou Nassar

Via ClaraAbouNassar

This girl screams fitness and style! Clara proves that the stigma of “I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to bulk and lose my femininity” is completely false. She promotes her hard-core workouts whilst forming her shape into its best possible form -all while looking great doing it! Her impeccable sense of style makes you want to hit the gym all in order to look as good as her while playing dress up!


#4 Nadine Shibly

Via Nadthefabdiary

Nadine, known on Instagram as nadthefabdiary, is living proof that hard work pays off.


Originally 28 kg heavier, she lost all the weight naturally. Nadine speaks to people on a personal level, giving them hope and motivation that with a little patience and time, good results do manifest.

On her Instagram, she inspires others with an insight on how her journey went, by regularly posting before and after pictures of her weight loss progress.

Nadine also makes videos encouraging healthy eating with easy home recipes!


#5 Christelle Fourzali

Via Kikafourzali

Christelle, known as kikafourzali, is a fashion and fitness blogger. She incorporates both fashion and fitness on her Instagram profile.


Kika proves that, regardless of being a mom with daily responsibilities and tasks, she manages to allocate time to work out no matter what she has that day. She is also a coach giving hardcore tone up classes. Her abs of steel make you want to hit the gym pronto!

So, are you up to it? You certainly will, once you check them out on Instagram!

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