5 Main Reasons Why Lebanon Offers a Stellar Summer Vacation

Given the past weekend’s highly unusual drop in temperature, some of us here in Lebanon are dreaming about the warmer months ahead, and for good reason!


Lebanon has always held a special place in the hearts of many for the diversity of culture and activity it offers, all condensed into an easily accessible package. No matter the “vibe” you are chasing for this year’s summer, here are a few reasons why Lebanon makes the best of the season.

#1 The Outdoors

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If there’s one thing our country is known for, it’s its natural beauty.

From the scenic coastlines of the North to the South and the riveting peaks and valleys to the rich natural springs and rivers, there is something for every nature enthusiast.

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Do you feel like frolicking on the beach? Or would you rather zip-line through the treetops? Some prefer to beat the heat by escaping up to the mountains.

No matter the reason, Lebanon’s nature beckons!

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#2 The Food

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Lebanon’s food scene is known around the world because of how tasty it is. There are so many options, whether you’re itching for a late-night snack from the streets or a fine dining experience.


Of course, the traditional Lebanese cuisine including mezza and various grilled items is a classic and delicious choice. But Lebanon also offers a taste of the world with its delicious international offerings.

One needs only to do a little homework to find what will “hit the spot.”

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#3 The Nightlife

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Summer nights are a special time of the year. The blaring sun is hidden, and the temperature is oh-so-inviting for those who are more nocturnal.


From years ago when Beirut was known as the “Paris of the Middle East,” the reputation still holds true. 

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There are so many nightclubs to satisfy every niche, from traditional oriental beats to underground Berlin-style electro. 


#4 The History

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Lebanon is a rich culmination of “old meets new.” The European influence is evident when roaming the streets of Beirut, but the history of thousands of years decorates the landscape.


There are so many relics of times long ago, from Tyre to Byblos to Baalbek. 

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Just standing in front of one of these structures will make a person appreciate the roots of civilization. 


#5 The Hospitality

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This is an aspect of Lebanon that doesn’t seem to occur quite the same anywhere else. If you’re lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood, there’s always someone around the corner who’s more than willing to help you find your way. Restaurant and hotel staff are always eager to please, whether it’s a 2-star place or a 5-star one.


The man’oush shop on the corner might memorize your favorite order after the first couple of visits. Your neighbor enjoys inviting you in for an afternoon coffee and chat. It’s unparalleled how hospitable the Lebanese are. 

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With so many benefits, no matter what kind of adventure someone is seeking for their summer, they are surely going to find it here in Lebanon, this diverse and unique country of ours!


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