5 old Lebanese comedy series every millennial misses

TV series always mark one’s childhood and early years of life. Before going to sleep or when coming back from school, we all had a show that we impatiently waited for.  


Lebanese millennials have always been fond of the TV – before the rise of the internet and touchpads that the modern generation is used to. 

Around 10 years ago, Lebanese TV shows were much more authentic, innocent, and educative. This is one of the reasons why we miss them so much and often spend time rewatching them on YouTube.

Beit Khalteh (1987) / Niyyel El Beit (1999)

Via Niyyel El Beit

With “Niyyel El Beit” as a sequel, “Beit Khalteh” is one of the funniest shows in the history of Lebanese television. Starring Gabriel Yammine as “Saber”, it is one of the first shows to ever introduce the classic Lebanese language puns, sarcasm, and wordplay we know today. Dara, Farmi, Kamal, Gina, and Jocanda are all characters hard for us to forget! Dacco? 



Marte W Ana (2001)


From “Marte W Ana” to “Marte W Bente W Ana” to “Aayle Aa Fared Mayle”, Carine Rizkallah and Fadi Charbel have created some awesome memories for Lebanese millennials. Telling the story of a young couple, the series is one of the funniest ones. It is a semi-true story since Carine and Charbel are really married. Admit it, you miss Wajih! 



Familia (2003)

Via El Cinema

Starring Roula Hamadeh, Layla Hakim, Georges Chalhoub, Hind Baz and Youssef El Khal, Familia was pretty successful and aired with 3 seasons. It is one of those shows where you really enjoy the dialogue, spontaneous scenario and characters. The plot orbits about the strong woman Nabila Chkeir (Roula Hamadeh) who has her own magazine that criticizes the unfeminist beliefs of the important businessman Ramzi Khayat (Georges Chalhoub).



Fadi W Radi (2006)


Written by Georges Khabbaz, Fadi W Radi is just another hilarious work of his. The show tells the story of the young star Fadi who became famous after participating in Star Academy Lebanon. Leading a reckless and careless life of a rockstar, Fadi gets the news that his uncle is dead but in order to be able to receive his inheritance, he has to take care of Radi, his blind estranged cousin! 



Se3a Bel Ize3a (2008)


Another one by the amazing Georges Khabbaz. This sitcom tells the story of an old man who works at a radio station. Each episode has a different turn of events that turn out to be super hilarious! It also criticizes the modern song industry and the loss of real art and music. 


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