5 things every Lebanese is proud of

Although Lebanon is a small country, it has countless prominent things that every Lebanese is proud of.


#1 The Cedar

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This famous tree every Lebanese should be proud of. It is considered one of the most defining features of Lebanon.

The cedar, as a symbol of eternal life, stands tall on the Lebanese flag and seeps through into its national anthem and art.

This famous tree from which the Phoenicians built their fleet is mentioned in the epic of Gilgamesh and the Bible.


#2 The Artists

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Lebanon has been producing countless artists for ages. Every Lebanese feels proud to say I’m from Gebran Khalil Gebran’s land or from the iconic Fairouz’s country.

The potential of our Lebanese artists gives every Lebanese a sense of pride.


#3 The food

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Lebanese people worldwide are always proud of their Lebanese cuisine. Whenever you visit a Lebanese house anywhere in the world, you will always find Lebanese dishes like tabbouleh, hummus, and kebab.


#4 The touristic sites

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Even though Lebanon is a small country, it is considered one of the top tourist draw of the region with its outstanding touristic sites like Jeita, Baalbek, and Byblos.


#5 The culture

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Lebanese people should be extremely proud of their strong culture and traditions.

It was home to the Phoenicians and was subsequently conquered and occupied by the Assyrians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Persians, the Arabs, the Crusaders, the Ottoman Turks, and the French.


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