Over 50 Killed And 2700 Injured So Far In Beirut Explosion

Over 25 Killed and 2,500 Injured So Far in Beirut Explosion

The Lebanese Minister of Public Health revealed new casualty numbers resulting from the explosion that shook Beirut Tuesday and is still shaking the nation.

As of the time of writing, the official death toll is at least 50, and nearly 2,700 injuries ranging from mild to severe have been confirmed by Minister Hamad Hasan.

The numbers are expected to rise in the coming hours as more hospitals are currently overwhelmed by the countless cases.

As a result, the head of the Order of Pharmacists of Lebanon has called on all pharmacies to receive and treat mild injuries to reduce the mounting pressure on the hospitals.

Additionally, hospitals in different areas across Lebanon have stressed their readiness to receive casualties and decrease the strain on the hospitals in the capital.

The Lebanese Red Cross said that 75 of its ambulances along with 375 EMTs and staff are currently responding in Beirut, helping the most vulnerable.

“Lightly wounded persons are being treated in our stations,” the LRC tweeted.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Hassan Diab has called on friendly and sister nations to urgently help Lebanon.

President Michel Aoun has, in turn, called for an emergency meeting of Lebanon’s Higher Defense Council to address the disaster.