Over 50 Prominent Expats Met In Brussels To Discuss Saving Lebanon

50+ Prominent Lebanese Expats Met To Discuss Saving Lebanon

Since Lebanon began speeding downhill, its diaspora’s role in helping save the country became an important discussion. With the recent formation of the July 11th Expatriate Appeal, expats are seeking to do their part in rebuilding Lebanon.

On Saturday, July 11th, over 50 prominent members of the Lebanese diaspora from around the world held a meeting in Brussels to “unify the efforts of the Lebanese expatriates to support Lebanon.”

In addition to Belgium, Lebanese expats based in France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, USA, UAE, KSA, Kuwait, and 8 more countries, came together via the Internet to “search for ways and solutions to save the country through the effective participation of expatriates in the next stage.”

The attendees discussed the prevailing economic crisis in Lebanon, in addition to various topics related to the country’s unenviable state.

They focused on re-establishing the role of the diaspora in rebuilding Lebanon and seeking short-term remedies to reduce the severity of the crisis on the Lebanese, especially those back home.

In particular, they shed light on the depreciating Lebanese pound, its dire effects on the Lebanese – in Lebanon and abroad – and the pressing issue of the frozen and endangered bank deposits.

Rabih El-Amine, the head of the Lebanese Executives Council, took charge of managing the discussions and voiced a message to Lebanese expats all across the world.

“The July 11th Expatriate Appeal is [the] first step for expatriates to say that we are ready to take responsibility and participate in decision-making and that saving the country is a priority for us wherever we are,” he said.

He continued, “Today is an opportunity for expatriates and expatriate councils to play the role that we have always tried to play in building the homeland, by harnessing our experiences, knowledge, and capabilities to serve Lebanon.”

In conclusion, the participants agreed on several notions, including launching a large workshop that gathers experienced Lebanese expatriates all over the world to develop a pivotal, expat-driven action plan to play an active role in rebuilding Lebanon.

Furthermore, they stressed the necessity of forming a commission to recover Lebanon’s embezzled funds and issuing a special 6-month pardon for all who return stolen funds voluntarily.

Additionally, they called for organizing the flow of funds and streamlining financial transfers to allow the expansion of the mechanisms of fresh money to include internal financial operations.

The alarm bells have sounded and the diaspora, led by its prominent members, is responding now with a more assertive and result-oriented stand.

This action comes right on time to infuse the people in the homeland with a renewed hope that salvation could now be on its way.

The Lebanese diaspora is indeed materializing as the only hope left to Lebanon.

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