6 Lebanese Oases to Escape the Cities’ Concrete Jungles

If you live in any of Lebanon’s more densely populated areas, you know that it can be a little overwhelming to be surrounded by so many towering buildings every day. For some of us, we tend to seek out places that offer a slight respite from the chaos of the concrete jungle; soothing open-air places that don’t require setting out a day to get there.


If you’re looking for some parks to take your dog, have a jog, connect with nature, or just admire some greenery during this spring season, here are some places, in no particular order, that are worth checking out:

#1 Horsh Tabet Park

Via Sin El Fil Municipality


Located in Sin El Fil, this public park offers plenty of walking paths and shade with an array of trees – over 100 species, according to the Sin El Fil Municipality. It’s a great place to contemplate your existence or sneak in for an invigorating afternoon walk. 

#2 René Mouawad Garden (Sanayeh Garden)

Via Beirut Night Life


This public park in the Beirut district was created in 1907. It is one of the oldest existing public gardens in the capitol area. Spanning over 22,000 square meters, the park covers lovely walking paths that are often decorated with artists exhibiting their work. The park is often lively with children playing and joggers exercising. 

#3 Sioufi Garden

Via Universes in Universe


This park located in the Achrafieh district of Beirut features various public art installations, such as Houssam Hatoum’s Brahma, which is a visual representation of the Creator of the Universe. In addition to the art, there are plenty of open-air places to walk or enjoy the scenery from benches in the shades of the trees. 

#4 Jbeil Public Garden

Via Blog Baladi


Located in the world’s second-oldest city, the Jbeil Public Garden offers tree and flower-lined paths, a theater, and a children’s play area, to name just a few features. After visiting nearby tourist attractions or shopping in the old souk of the city, it serves as a nice place of rest to soak up some soothing rays.

#5 Gibran Khalil Gibran Garden

Via Solidere


Dedicated to Lebanon’s most famous author, poet, philosopher, and artist, this park in the Centre Ville area of Beirut features a bust of its namesake and two circular lawns with plenty of walking space. It is a nice spot to read one of Khalil Gibran’s works or have a stroll with the family or your date. 

#6 Al-Manchieh Park (Tripoli)

Via PlacesMap


This northern public space in the heart of Tripoli features palm (date) trees that are typical to the region and a large fountain surrounded by well-landscaped pathways. You can soak in all the scenery from afar by people-watching, and get to admire one of Tripoli’s landmark: The old Tower Clock that dates back to the Ottoman ruling.

Even if you feel entrapped at times by beige and grey walls and the hustle and bustle of city life, visiting any of these places can help you make a quick calming escape and get grounded in a more natural atmosphere. 

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