6 people sentenced for the murder of Yves Nawfal

On January 9, 2015, Yves Nawfal was killed after a fight escalated on the Kfardebian-Oyoun Al Seeman highway. The fight happened after Yves was celebrating his 26th birthday at a pub in the area. The killers used unlicensed military weapons. The head of the Baabda Criminal Court Judge Mohammad Badran sentenced four of them to 20 years in prison for the murder while the other two will serve 16 years for taking part in the crime. Yves Nawfal’s case is similar to the murder of

Roy Hamouche

. Roy was on his way back home at night when the car he was riding in with his friend slightly bumped into another car which was a tinted BMW. A person from the other car started cursing and yelling at the two young men in addition to hitting the car despite the fact that they offered him money to fix the damage. Long story short, the man was armed and shot Roy in the head. The Internal Security forces arrested the killer the same day. We need stricter gun laws to prevent similar crimes from happening again. Yves’ and Roy’s killers might be in prison now, but many people out there own illegal guns. Enough is enough.


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