More Than $64,000 In Counterfeit Dollar Bills Seized By ISF

More Than $64,000 In Counterfeit Bills Seized By ISF

Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF) arrested an individual carrying a large amount of counterfeit U.S. dollars in the Governorate of Nabatieh.

On December 12th, after a monitoring and surveillance process, a patrol of the ISF’s Information Branch managed to arrest 20-year-old Palestinian national “S.A.”

The suspect was caught red-handed promoting a counterfeit U.S. dollar banknote in Deir Al-Zahrani, Nabatieh, aboard a “Kia Serato” car, the General Directorate of the ISF said in a statement.

Upon searching him and his car, ISF personnel found $64,200, all counterfeit, in addition to 44,120,000 Lebanese pounds, $450 in legitimate bills, as well as a handgun.

The gun that was seized from the suspect.

During his interrogation, the suspect admitted to promoting the fake money.

He also admitted that he had obtained the now-seized counterfeit currency from Bekaa in exchange for a legitimate amount of $10,000 and that he was intending to buy more using the Lebanese pounds he had at the time of his arrest.

“The legal requirement was taken against him, and the seized items were deposited with the competent authority, based on the reference of the judiciary,” the statement noted.

The ISF said that the arrest comes within the Information Branch’s framework of pursuing and arresting “members of the gangs promoting counterfeit currency all over Lebanon.”

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