7 Coffee Shops In Tripoli That Are Perfect For Remote Work

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You’re working from home but need a change of atmosphere? Here are some coffee shops in Tripoli where you can work remotely, comfortably, and with a nice cup of coffee or tea.

#1 Newtown

Newtown is hands down Tripoli’s hippest coffee houses where you’ll find young fresh minds, entrepreneurs, creatives, and many others discussing ideas over the best cup of joe you’ll find in town.

#2 Sara Et Karim

Sara Et Karim has got to be Tripoli’s homiest and coziest cafes! Owned by a local couple, Sara and Karim, the café exudes love, peace, and comfort. Hidden between buildings in a quiet street, it is the ideal spot for work that needs a lot of focus and thinking.

#3 Rassif

A short drive to Rassif, located on the Dam & Farez stretch of cafes and restaurants, is a great idea for long workdays where you don’t have enough time for a serious lunch break.

If you know you won’t be taking long breaks that day, you can simply order up any quick delicious meal from the menu.

While it’s not a great habit to work while you eat, there are days we’re all guilty of that. But just for your sanity, take a 15-minute break and actually enjoy the meal!

#4 Warche 13

Warche 13 in Tripoli’s Mina area is another quiet, calm, and cozy spot made with a vintage artistic vibe that keeps you inspired as you work.

#5 Ahwak

A happy and tiny coffee shop with vintage vibes that’s been around for quite a while, this one is still one of the go-to places to go and catch up on probably an hour’s worth of work.

#6 Kahwa Bar

Kahwa Bar is a new-ish spot that’s gaining attraction no doubt. It’s tucked in the inner city streets, away from the main roads. It’s a great local spot for a change of atmosphere from the house.

#7 Ember

Located in an unusual spot, Ember is hidden from the main streets and large crowds. Cozy, quiet, and unique, Ember offers an alternative coffee shop experience that will fuel your creativity.

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7 Coffee Shops In Tripoli That Are Perfect For Remote Work

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