7 Indian Food Restaurants In Lebanon To Spice Up Your Palate

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Indian cuisine is very diverse. It consists of a wide variety of traditional cuisines and cultures of the diverse ethnic groups in India.

Indian food is rich in spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits and is heavily influenced by religious cultures since many of its dishes are vegan-friendly.

Indian cuisine holds a geographical and historical value through its spice trade with Europe and the world in the previous centuries.

Lebanon, known to be the cultural/food hub of the middle east, and home to many Indian nationals, offers a variety of Indian food restaurants.

Here is a list of these restaurants for you to enjoy their spicy goodness.

#1 Get Grilled – Hazmieh

If you want to experience authentic Indian food, then you can visit Get Grilled. The restaurant offers homemade-style Indian cuisine full of spices and flavors through delivery and dine-in.

Get Grilled offers Indian Fusion food like Aloo Samosa, Thai Chicken Satay, Lassi, Chicken Tandoori, and Chicken Coconut Curry.

#2 Al Hindi – Warwick Palm Beach Hotel, Ain Mreisse

Al Hindi restaurant is a fancy restaurant in Beirut known for its authentic Indian cuisine inspired by the Punjab area. It serves popular dishes such as Eggplant Curry, Butter Naan, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Garlic Naan.

#3 Jaï – Clemenceau

Indian, Thai, and Asian cuisines are all available at Jaï, in Beirut. If you want to taste Indian food from Monday until Saturday, then you can try Jaï’s popular dishes like Massaman Curry, Green Curry Chicken, Pad Thai, and Shrimp Wraps.

#4 Makan – Mar Mikhael

Makan in Mar Mikhael offers a variety of Asian food including Indian, Thai, and Vietnamese. Other than having a lovely ambiance, Makan is known to be a comfortable place with good service.

#5 Spicy No 7 – Gemmayze

You can experience both Indian and Lebanese at Spicy No 7 and experience their delicious Indian meals like Potato Samosas, and Indian-inspired dishes.

#6 Orenda – Mar Mikhael

Orenda is a hidden plant-based restaurant in Beirut where you can taste vegan-friendly food from different cultures, including Indian. Specifically, you can go for their veggie and coconut milk curry!

#7 Bamboo – Jounieh & Zgharta

Bamboo offers a variety of Asian food like Indian, Thai, and Chinese. You can enjoy a variety of options, including their tasty Garlic Steamed Rice and Cajun Chicken.

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