7 Lebanese Gang Members Arrested For Stealing $170,000 In The Matn Expressway


According to a statement by the Internal Security Forces (ISF) on July 26th, $170,000 were stolen from citizen A.R. (1991) along with his cellphone in the Matn Expressway area on June 6th by an unknown group.

After intensive investigations, the ISF was able to identify those involved in this operation and was given the order to arrest them:

  • G.H.(1993, Lebanese)
  • R.K.(1991, Lebanese)
  • A.A.(1988, Lebanese)
  • A.H.(1991, Lebanese)
  • N.B.(1997, Lebanese)
  • G.I.(1986, Lebanese)
  • T.Y.(1987, Lebanese)

They were arrested on July 19th in these areas: Dahr Al Baydar, Baalbek, Shalifa, Batroun, and Dekwaneh.

N.B. was found with another Lebanese (M.F.) wanted in drug cases.

After searching them and their homes, part of the stolen money was found as well as the van that was used in the theft operation.

During their interrogations, they confessed to forming a gang that uses arm force and that they cautiously planned the robbery after luring the victim under the pretext of selling him digital currencies for an amount that exceeded $200,000.

They also used fake cellphones and license plates.

The legal requirement was carried out against them.

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