7 Reasons Why Lebanon Must Be on Your Bucket List

People worldwide seek new experiences. Whether it is to experience something so little as trying out a new meal or something as bizarre as visiting a country which they have never considered visiting before.


#1 Lebanon’s History

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The beauty of Lebanon lies within its unyielding past. From ancient history to today’s date, Lebanon has embraced a remarkable set of characteristics from different civilizations, which settled on Lebanese soil, to the French mandate that ended in the mid-40s.


Even though Lebanon has been through several brutal times, and it has its shares of crises, that has never stopped our people from grasping the best out of them.

#2 The Lebanese Qualities

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A very visible quality that Lebanese people take pride in is their patriotism and their joie de vivre.

Lebanese people live their patriotism and love of life in several ways, whether it is by their choice of food and music or by their verbal description and depiction of the many beauties of their country.

Upon meeting a Lebanese person abroad, you would instantly notice their hospitality and kindness, not to mention their exquisite choice of which Lebanese dish is best fit to be served for each occasion. And the more homemade dishes on our reception table, the deeper the heartfelt intention to make you feel welcomed and appreciated.


#3 Lebanon’s Beauty

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Lebanon, as a country itself, is beyond aesthetic. You cannot help yourself but be stunned by its natural panoramic beauty throughout the country.


The second you set foot on the Lebanese soil, I advise you to layout a well-organized plan to visit our ancient landmarks and the natural ones which we love to call: “The 7 Wonders of Lebanon”.

The Jeita Grotto or The Cedar of Lebanon, which is also our national emblem, and our nature reserves and the Qadisha Valley, you name it!

And you may not want to miss our many landmarks and ancient castles and temples from our south to our north and from our coasts and valleys to our mighty mountains.


#4 Lebanon’s Cuisine

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Delving deep into what Lebanon is most famous for, its cuisine probably tops the list! Now let’s be real here, we all love food, we’re all foodies by nature.


And Lebanon presents a diverse variety of food choices and healthy ones; better yet, our people are fond of serving them, after hours of heartfelt cooking.

If you have ever tried and enjoyed a Lebanese dish abroad, then you are going to love eating the same dish in Lebanon, with a big difference:

The ingredients would be fresh and deliciously natural from the unaltered sources and grown under our good tempered weather; all which is known to generate in our kitchen the most gratifying and healthy meals.


#5 Lebanon’s Weather

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Lebanon is located on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean. It covers an area of only 10,452 square kilometers, making it one of the world’s smallest countries. Nonetheless, it characterizes as a country with a moderate climate. In other words, it is never too cold or too hot.


However, here comes the interesting part, the state of the weather is very well-utilized. The summer is the most suitable time to unwind on our comfy sunny beaches and the winter is the most suitable time to enjoy its winter activities, ranging from ski resorts to snow caving.

#6 Lebanon’s Outdoor Activities

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Now that you have depicted a mental image of Lebanon’s beauty, it is time for you to see it for yourself.

It is beyond expectation. No matter how beautiful you think it is, you are not even close. To be able to relish the experience, you must see it with your own eyes and live it with your own being. 

Lebanon offers a vast variety of outdoor activities due to its exposure to nature’s authenticity, as well as great getaway facilities for enjoyable weekends in nature.  If you ever choose to hike on one of Lebanon’s countless trails, which we highly recommend you do, make sure to savor the moment, as you would be captivated like never before.


#7 Lebanon’s Social Life

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As you might have already heard and likely seen, we Lebanese love socializing like jet setters. From fiery nightclub parties and pubs with calmer music to great brunch places and rooftop lounges and you name it! Lucky for us, and our visitors, we got more than you could ever imagine.


As tempting as that sounds, it does not end here. If you are a night owl who likes living the time of their life then this is the place for you. There is no day off, the nightlife never rests.

Lebanon might not be the most heard-of country (or is it?), but those who make the decision to visit it, keep coming back. Ask any tourist and visitor who have been here, they would say the same, Lebanon is unique in its many aspects.

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