The 7 steps every Lebanese abroad goes through when traveling back to Lebanon

Every summer, hundreds of thousands of Lebanese people return home for a visit. Their stay is full of excitement and struggles!

#1 Excitement

The first few days are always the best! You’re excited to meet your friends and relatives! They take you the best restaurants and bars and remind you of how cool the nightlife scene is in Lebanon. You also visit breathtaking sites and make sure to send your friends abroad amazing pictures of Lebanon.

#2 3 days of complaining

Then things get real. You realize that Lebanon is not all fun and games. The traffic and power cuts get on your nerves. Imagine being in a situation where it’s really hot, and you can’t turn on the air conditioner because it’s”moteur” not “dawle.”

Also, a car ride from Jounieh to Beirut takes two to three hours. You just want to pack everything and leave ASAP!

#3 Few days of telling people why it’s better back home

While complaining, you brag how everything is better back home like the fast internet connection, lack of corruption, and good infrastructure.

#4 Few days of telling people why Lebanon is better

Lebanon is also good in many aspects, and the most important one is being close to your relatives. There’s nothing like family.

#5 Loving every single thing about Lebanon

When there are few days left to leave, you start appreciating Lebanon: the food, the people, the scenery, the culture etc. It’s chaotic yet beautiful. You just can’t explain that to anyone who hasn’t visited Lebanon.

#6 Not wanting to leave

Saying goodbye is the hardest part.

#7 Back home: depressed because you miss Lebanon

You spend two weeks eating all the delicacies you brought from Lebanon while listening to Arabic songs and looking at all the pictures you took.

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