7 Tattoo Ideas if You’re a Hardcore Lebanese Patriot

Tattoos are a great way of expression. Each tattoo represents something different and tells a unique story.


Here are amazing Lebanon-related tattoo ideas that can inspire you if you’re feeling extra patriot or missing Lebanon.

Cedar Of Lebanon

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Classical, artistic or unusual, the Cedar of Lebanon is always a good idea!

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Arabic Calligraphy

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Amazing Lebanese artists can provide you with their best Arabic calligraphies and ideas.


Shaffe Coffee Cup

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The shaffe coffee cup is one of the country’s traditional emblem, inking the flower on the cup could also be a good idea!


Lebanese Flag

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Post Stamp

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Post stamps are like the country’s currency, some people tend to ink Lira bills too!


Lebanese National Anthem lyrics

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Lebanese Army slogan

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The Lebanese army is Lebanon’s pride, imagine carrying its symbol and slogan permanently on your skin!

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7 Tattoo Ideas if You're a Hardcore Lebanese Patriot

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