7+ Things Lebanese People Who Live Abroad Do!

Lebanese people abroad know that no matter how far you are from Lebanon, your Lebanese side does not leave you!

You brag to your friends back home that your internet connection is faster than theirs

You can basically download anything without waiting for a decade or worrying that the electricity will cut off which is something that NEEDS to be bragged about.

You teach Lebanese to your new friends

Whether you teach them curse words or hilarious Lebanese expressions that sound extremely weird in English, you can’t stop laughing when your foreign friends try to pronounce the “ح” and the “ع”. You also give them wrong translations!

You miss Lebanese food!

How can you not miss Lebanese food? And when your friends send you a picture of a delicious lunch they’re having…

You search for Lebanese people

As much as it is interesting to meet people from different countries and cultures, you feel the need to be friends with someone who speaks your language and understands your jokes. And when you finally find one, you immediately create a bond!

You suddenly become interested in Arabic and speaking Lebanese

Yes, most of us HATED Arabic grammar classes and were sick of writing essays about “المدينة والقرية”, but you miss writing and reading Arabic so much that you try to search for online Arabic books, which is not that hard by the way. And of course you get emotional while reading great literary works. You start speaking Lebanese much more often than you did before.

You learn more about Lebanon

Do you even miss Lebanon if you haven’t typed “Lebanon” in the search engine on Google at least a thousand times?

You fall in love with Fayrouz

Fayrouz becomes your idol. Admit it: you cried many times while listening to “نسم علينا الهوى”.

And of course, you brag to your new friends about how beautiful and awesome Lebanon is!

You advertise Lebanon the way no travel agency can! And of course, you invite your new friends to pay a visit because their trip is going to be…

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