7,000 Trees To Get Planted In Beirut!

On the 24th of August, the council of the Municipality of Beirut held a meeting to discuss the latest issues and take several decisions.

Beirut is getting greener!

The Council decided to plant 7,000 trees in Beirut to enhance the environmental situation and to add more green areas in this urban environment. The trees that are going to get planted are of different varieties, shapes, and sizes, such as jacaranda trees, olive trees, magnolia trees, pine trees, and weeping fig trees. The project will take a year to be complete.


More walking and less pollution in Beirut!

It seems like Beirut will drastically change in the coming years since there are many projects that are aiming at making this city eco-friendly. Last month, we wrote about a project that aims at

expanding Sassine Square

. This project includes widening the sidewalks to make walking more convenient for pedestrians. Usually, it is not very safe to walk in Beirut. Most of the sidewalks are narrow, and the street lights are unorganized. Providing a safe walking experience for people means that more people will walk instead of drive. So, there will be fewer cars in Beirut. This leads to less traffic and less pollution. In addition to that, this project will plant many flowers and trees that exist in Achrafieh such as citrus trees, jacaranda trees, laurels, and wattles. Soon, we’ll enjoy a green Beirut!

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