These Are The 79 Towns Now Ordered To Lock Down In Lebanon


The Coronavirus Follow-up Committee issued new preventive measures and procedures after a meeting held on Saturday. The recommendations are the following:

  • Adopting the positive results of the tests conducted in most Lebanese towns and villages to determine the level of risk in them.
  • Request the Ministry of Public Health to increase the number of tests conducted in villages that are classified as dangerous and in which the number of cases is increasing.
  • Leaving the decision of closing or opening educational institutions and administrative units in towns and villages that are not under lockdown to be issued by the Minister of Education.
  • Order the lockdown of the listed towns.
  • Emphasizing the wearing of the masks and strictly fining violators.
  • Banning all kinds of social events, closing governmental and private institutions and schools in the villages under lockdown, and coordinating with religious authorities in terms of holding prayers.
  • Following these recommendations for one week.

The Minister of Interior issued a list with the names of the towns and villages that have been classified as ‘high risk’. The number of towns under lockdown is 79.

New places were added to the decision, while others were removed and some were kept closed. The lockdown will start from 6:00 am on Monday, October 19th, and until 6:00 am on Monday, October 26th.

These towns and villages are:


  • Achkout
  • Ain El-Rihana
  • Ajaltoun
  • Adma / Ain El-Defna
  • Shannir
  • Faytroun
  • Ghazir
  • Ghosta
  • Jounieh Ghadir
  • Jounieh / Haret Sakher
  • Jounieh / Sarba
  • Raifoun
  • Zouk Mosbeh


  • Aboudieh
  • Al-Majdel Akkar
  • Mazraat Al-Nahrieh
  • El-Kubayat


  • Aramoun
  • Bchamoun
  • Bleibel
  • Bsous
  • Btater
  • Saoufar


  • Al-Zaytoun
  • El-Souks
  • Baal El-wati
  • El-Shalfeh
  • El-Kebbeh
  • El-Seki El-Shemali
  • El-Mina
  • El-Zahirieh


  • Bkosta
  • Kfarmelki
  • El-Salihiyyeh
  • Toura


  • Erdeh
  • Kferhata


  • Ain Kfarzabad
  • Ablah
  • Bouarej
  • Jdita
  • Taalabeya

Bint Jbeil:

  • Harissa


  • Bedneyil

Baabda / El-Louaizeh:

  • Baabda El-Louaizeh


  • Erbsalim
  • Choukin
  • Hbouch
  • El-Nemirieh
  • Kaakayet El-Jeser

El-menieh / El-Dunniyeh:

  • Al-Sefirah
  • Bkaoun
  • Kfarhebo


  • Ain Alak
  • Ain Saadeh
  • Beit Meri
  • Brummenah
  • El-Choueir
  • El-Dekweneh / Mar Roukouz
  • Jal El-Dib / Bekneyah
  • Sin El-Fil


  • Ain Zhalta
  • Baakline
  • El-Barouk
  • Batloun
  • Damour
  • Jdeidet El-Chouf
  • El-Jieh
  • Kfarnabrakh
  • El-Khreibeh / El-Chouf
  • Mazboud
  • El-Werhaniyeh

West Bekaa:

  • El-Manarah
  • El-Raoudah
  • El-Saouiri


  • Kfar Abidah


  • Gharfin
  • Halat


  • El-Maachouk / El-Burj El-Shemali

Curfew is still enforced between 1:00 am and 6:00 am of each day and all entertainment venues are to remain closed in all areas.

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These Are The 79 Towns Now Ordered To Lock Down In Lebanon

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