These 8 Pictures Of The Milky Way Taken From Lebanon Are Stunning!

We posted many articles about the beauty of Lebanon’s nature which makes it the perfect getaway! We are going to give you one more reason to consider Lebanon as your next destination.

But this time, you’re going to see Lebanon from a different angle: all you have to do is to look up at night to see the Milky Way!

That’s right; we’re talking about stargazing which has flourished a lot in Lebanon recently. In addition to enjoying Lebanon’s beauty by day, one may enjoy it also by night.

These are the reasons why Lebanon is the perfect destination for Astro-tourism:

– The weather is great:

The clearness of the sky and the sunny days make it easier to see the Milky Way.

– There’s less light pollution:

light pollution is the excess of artificial light. Since there is a lot of power shortage in Lebanon, we have less light pollution.

– Stargazing locations are close to Beirut:

Lebanon is small, so it’s easy to move from place to place without wasting a lot of time on the road.

Here are pictures of the Milky Way taken from 8 different regions in Lebanon!

#1 Qornet Al Sawda

#2 Laqlouq

#3 Mayrouba

#4 Bakish

#5 Akoura

#6 Sannine

#7 Akkar

#8 Bmahray

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