8 Places Where You Can Eat Shawarma Like a Local in Lebanon

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Craving shawarma? You’re in luck! Lebanon is a haven for shawarma enthusiasts, offering a variety of spots that serve this mouthwatering dish.

From bustling street vendors to cozy sit-down restaurants, you don’t want to miss these top places where you can eat shawarma like a local.

Barbar Restaurant, Beirut

Known for its diverse menu including shawarma, falafel, and ice cream.

Em Sherif Restaurant

A high-end cafe with professional staff and a variety of Lebanese dishes.

Falafel Freiha

Offers delicious chicken shawarma and is famous for its falafel.

Basterma Mano

A quick bite spot with both chicken and meat shawarma options.

Falafel Joseph

Highly recommended for its crunchy and fresh falafel, but also serves shawarma.

Diwan Beirut

Known for its Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine, including shawarma.

Joz Lebanese Diner

Offers a variety of Lebanese and international cuisine, including shawarma.

Zaatar W Zeit

A fast-food chain with a variety of options, including shawarma.

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