8 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Lebanon

We all know that Lebanon is a beautiful travel destination that is highly praised by so many non-Lebanese abroad. A brilliant jewel in the crown of the Middle-East, this small has-it-all country has been an alluring magnet to tourists as well as curious explorers these past decades. If you are visiting us for the first time, or have visited Lebanon but not enough, here are eight things you need to know before your arrival:


#1 Lebanon has only one Airport

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When flying to Lebanon you will be landing at Beirut-Rafik Hariri International Airport. This airport is currently the only international airport in the country. Launched in 1954, at 9 Kilometers from downtown Beirut, it is the hub of the national Lebanese carrier Middle East Airlines-MEA.


Currently, Beirut airport is implementing a whole new project with extra new amenities to further enhance the quality service as our airport and we are preparing to welcome the influx of our Summer visitors.

#2 Lebanese Pound is the official currency



The Lebanese Pound (LL) is the official currency in Lebanon. Naturally, it is widely used in the country, but also the USD that is accepted everywhere in town. You can come to Lebanon with USD cash, and use it all across the country with no need of exchanging it into Lebanese Pound.

 #3 Arabic, English, and French are widely spoken


Lebanese Arabic is the official language in Lebanon, But on the other hand, English and French are widely spoken by the significant majority of our people, even if we tend to include them all sometimes in one small sentence.

If you know any of these three languages, you will do very well during your visit without the need of a translator.

You won’t even need to hustle and sweat with some improvised sign languages.


#4 Lebanese people are super friendly and welcoming

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Lebanese are widely known to be highly sociable, hospitable, and welcoming. We love tourists and visitors and we go the extra length to show it and prove it, even if we meet with them for the first time in the streets. 


Not to brag, but we are indeed one of the friendliest people on earth, and that is what you will experience when visiting our country.

Chances are high that, when stopping to ask for directions, you will get escorted all the way to your destination by a zealous Lebanese happy to see you, or you will get insistingly invited to accept some Lebanese sweets or a cup of coffee.

Smile and accept, we genuinely love our visitors!


#5 Lebanese food is a must try in abundance


If heading to Lebanon you should keep in mind that savoring the delicious Lebanese food is a MUST, and savoring it plenty. It is a must-try cultural experience that might take you some couple of hours of enjoyable socialization. 


Lebanon is widely known for it’s freaking amazing cuisine. The food here is one of the freshest and most delicious on the planet. Enjoy it. Most of our food is still produced locally by our good blessed soil. That which you call “bio”, we here call it “our common food of every day.”

#6 Exploring Beirut is a must

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Your first stop when in Lebanon should be the capital Beirut. This vibrant city that never sleeps is indeed worthy plenty of time to spend in; day and night! There is plenty of things to do. Just allow yourself enough (good) time to explore some amazing spots in the city and to enjoy its incredible nightlife.

#7 Lebanon is blessed with four different seasons

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Lebanon is a diverse country when it comes to climate and seasons. When packing to visit us, take into consideration that Lebanon has four totally different seasons with totally different natural scenes.

You’ll experience hot weather during summer, warm and fresh weather during spring, and pleasant and breezy in autumn. Our winters are rainy in the coastal cities and mid-high towns, with an average of 15-18C, and cold and snowy in the mountains. 

In Spring, you get to enjoy both snow skiing and beach sports at a simple 20-minute ride between both destinations.


#8 Day trips are easy and exciting

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With Lebanon being a small country rich with diversified sites and sceneries, day trips are most enjoyable. You can get to visit and explore various places around the country in just one day.


Having it all so close together – mountains, valleys, coasts, and urban cities – you can enjoy all sorts of outdoor sports and exploration of many different places in one chosen day.

However, we highly recommend planning an exotic weekend of exploration or romance in our Mountains where facilities and accommodations also abound, the weather is invigorating, the food is fresh, the hospitality is great, and the sceneries awe-inspiring. 

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