8 Types of People You’ll Meet at a Movie Theater in Lebanon

Film and cinema have been a huge part of Lebanese culture since the early fifties. With a major concentration of cinema halls and movie theaters in our capital, going to ‘the movies’ naturally tops the list of popular weekend activity that many of us enjoy. And like all things, the popular practice creates a common experience that Lebanese movie-goers will recognize and relate to. So without further ado, here is a list of 8 Types of People You’ll Meet at a Movie Theater in Lebanon:


#1 The film connoisseur

This type of Lebanese movie-goer is a film-buff. They have an impressive command of all things ‘cinema’. From the classic movements to the avant-garde, there’s little they don’t know. Unfortunately, their unique passion often translates into snobbish attitudes of I-know-it-all.


#2 The late arrival

Having stumbled in 20 minutes late, this movie-goer is the recipient of dozens of stink-eyes. After fumbling in the dark and moving people around, the ‘late arrival’ finally gets to his/her seat with a unanimous sigh of relief from all attendees.


#3 The loved-up couple

I guess this one is universal. Some find the PDA cute and endearing, others want to put an end to the shenanigans. Either way, every movie theater, and I mean EVERY movie theater, features a giggly couple who just can’t seem to get enough of each other.


#4 The phone junkie

This perplexing creature pays for a ticket and spends the entire time on his phone. The busy bird also partakes in scandalous behavior like texting and taking calls during the movie. Not to mention the phone’s brightness glare… Blind me, why don’t you?


#5 The commentator

This Lebanese cinephile has no comprehension of ‘quiet mode’. They have something to say for everything. Often making jokes and screaming lines at the screen, the commentator is an unfavorable movie companion. Beware.


#6 The loud eater

Not necessarily loud, just distracting. The loud eater is often a genius life-hacker who has figured out a way to sneak snacks into the theater without getting caught. Because who wants to pay $10 for overnight popcorn and overpriced soda?


Sadly for us, the snacks in question are often crunchy chips and nuts. Nonetheless, loud eater, we bow to your skill.


#7 The shush-er

Another universal character, the Lebanese cinephile shush-er roams cinema halls looking for a chatter to scold.


#8 The old-school geek

This typical Lebanese movie-goer is a patriotic cynic who is unimpressed by all foreign films. Often comparing the likes of Shoushou and Ruchdi Abaza to Leo Dicaprio, the old-school geek finds nothing beats the golden era of Arab cinema.


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