8 Types of Relatives You’ll Recognize in Your Lebanese Family

Every family is unique in its own right. There are special relationships and different dynamics that set it apart and that a stranger could never comprehend. That is not to say that Lebanese families don’t have certain recurring types of member we all recognize.


#1 The Opinionated Aunt or Uncle

Each family has one. Politics, religion, basic cooking recipes, your personal fashion style, your home decoration, your choice of education, and you name it, he or she has always something to stubbornly argue about on the topic to make you change your mind.


#2 The Single Aunt

This aunt is often the “let’s live vicariously” type. She is single and ready to mingle, and will often try to include you in her adventures and ill-advised trips… against the peace of mind of your parents.


#3 The Overwhelmed Daughter-in-law

This distressed young lady travels often around with hefty bags full of diapers, baby formula and at least 3 types of baby-safe fever suppressants, and… a long to-do’s list in her pocket and mind.


#4 The Mysterious Cousin

This cousin is an ambiguous being whose name is seldom mentioned in family gatherings. Often, it is someone who settled down abroad and committed the ultimate act of treason: Dropping off the family’s grid.


#5 The Quick-fix uncle

Always short on cash, you can count on this uncle to make unexpected visits halfway into the month, gushing about how much he has missed you. Not to fret though, his heart is in the right place, even if his pockets aren’t.


#6 The Drama Queen/King

This unique individual is a hell-raiser. He or she is passionate, gets into heated debates, and often storms out of family events to then show up to the next and the next. He or she can’t possibly miss such great occasions for more drama performances.


#7 The Shady Cousin

This quiet relative is the go-to in times of trouble. He has many connections, both legit and under-the-radar. His unofficial motto is “Min7illa,” which roughly translates to “Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.”


#8 The Family Saint

Often a cousin or a sibling, this fellow is the pride-and-joy of the family. Always perfectly courteous, dutifully present at every family event, and deemed accomplished by the family, he or she is the object of adulation of your grandparents or parents. 


He or she could be the perfect avatar of the family if, and only if, you were not tossed into the comparison’s spotlight more often than normal. So you probably find them a little more than a little annoying… 

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