8 Types of Teachers You’ll Recognize if You Grew Up in Lebanon

Teachers’ Day is right around the corner. We have taken a trip down memory lane to remind you of eight types of teachers you have probably come across while growing up in Lebanon. 


#1 The Strict Old-School Teacher

This teacher is a stickler for the rules. He or she absolutely FORBIDS drinking water in class and probably did not miss a day of school in decades. He or she rejects immediately any version of “Can we do it off the internet?”

Every morning, he or she would make you stand up for a formal salute of “Good morning, istez (teacher)!


Chances are, you have heard him or her complain at least once a day about “wled hal jeel!” (the kids of this generation!).

Make no mistake though. These teachers are veterans and masters of their field. There is not a trick in the book they have not seen or heard about.


#2 The Laid-Back Teacher

You probably got one during your school years in Lebanon. The polar opposite to the ‘strict teacher’, your laid-back teacher could care the less about students drinking water or chewing gum in class. In fact, he or she might even be the one offering it to them.

Needless to say, this is the all-time favorite teacher of most students. And yet! When push comes to shove, your laid-back teacher always knew how to get down to business. 


#3 The Overwhelmed Soul

Hard to forget, these are the teachers who always seem in over their heads. They would stumble in at the bell ringing; guns blazing, they panic over “how late in the curriculum” the class is.

‘The Overwhelmed Soul could also be observed, on the verge of tears, behind a huge stack of papers and tests that need correction. Proceed with caution. 


#4 The Super-Involved Teacher

Contrary to the ‘Overwhelmed Soul’, the super-involved teacher is present everywhere at once. He or she would be a volunteer leader at every extracurricular activity possible.

You can bet on it. He or she would be organizing school dances and plays, and would be often setting up after-hours meetings with parents to discuss the progress of their children.

No one quite knows their secret, but we are guessing…. A lot of caffeine!


#5 The not-so-Bilingual Teacher

It is common knowledge that Lebanon is an active member of the Francophone Summit. French has been our second language for hundreds of years.

It is recognized in our country as the prestige language of diplomacy, business, and education.  As such, the majority of the Lebanese are French-educated.


However, with globalization and the rise of the anglophone, many schools are switching to English curriculums, placing some veteran teachers at a disadvantage.

In his or her native tongue, this teacher is a master in his/her field, and rightfully full of confidence. However, every so often — usually at a surprise sit-in visit of the coordinator — he or she would switch up the language and fumble on.

Kind of awkward, really, as he or she pretends not noticing the few puzzled looks and knowing-smirks of the students.


#6 The Diehard Patriot

This was probably your History, Arabic Language or Social Studies teacher. Every morning, he or she could be seen gazing on solemnly at the daily rendition of the national anthem. This teacher may regularly ask rhetorical questions and proceed to answer them himself or herself.

With an infallible mastery of the literary Arabic dialect (fus’ha), this is the teacher who runs a high risk of going off on a tangent when engaged on subjects of nationalism and history.


#7 The ‘Say-it-don’t-spray-it’ Teacher

Let’s face it, not the most prestigious title on our list, but we’ve all had one. This teacher is an expert in his field. So knowledgeable, in fact, that things sometimes get a little off hand.


#8 The Innovative One

This is the teacher you probably knew as a technology guru. Often loaded with visual aids, gadgets, and tools to help explain the lesson, he always turns his classes into exciting adventures.

Let us admit it. However and whatever teachers may come, they are superhumans and a godsend to us normal mortals.


So, let us show them some due love on their holiday. Here go to all of you hardworking teachers out there a standing ovation and a round of applause. Happy Teacher’s Day!