8 Typical Lebanese Neighbors You Wish Didn’t Live So Close

When we say: “Lebanon”, we can never eliminate how rich the social connections and interpersonal interactions are. They are undeniably an integral part of our daily routine and, most importantly, of our cultural legacy that still crosscut generations in Lebanon. Speaking of which, neighbors are essentially a crucial part of the deal. We have therefore done a deep dive into typical neighbors – that even if you do love – you would still wish they didn’t exist around you!


#1. Loud Voiced Neighbors

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They’re the type of people who are more often – and most probably – constantly fighting over family and personal matters that no one does actually care about. They extremely dig on letting everyone else in the building hear their latest news and updates. How many times have you, for instance, heard your neighbor “Samia” fighting with her husband “Nadim” (at around 1:00 A.M) because he came home late?


#2. The Morning Kind of Neighbors

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These can be the worst. They aren’t only morning persons, but they do also want you to be. They are adamant about enjoying their DAILY coffee with a company, which, unfortunately, happens to be you. Yes, you.


They come and bring their Raqwe (coffee pot) with them, which means you are up to hours and hours with them at your place. Now, why do you even need to read the news when you have this kind of neighbors? Seriously, why?

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They usually have that dedicated mission to brief you around everything happening around you and do often come equipped with some juicy gossip and unsubstantiated rumors like: “Did you know that our neighbor Hoda is filing for divorce after she caught her husband cheating on her with his secretary?”


#3. The Party Animals

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Okay, so this kind doesn’t really care about whether it’s midnight or midday. They just want to celebrate any minor occasion and, consequently, turn the music real LOUD. Either it’s their son who has just graduated from Kindergarten or their daughter who turned 1 month, the folks do always have room for celebration. The worst amongst them are, however, those who play VERY annoying music and destructively earsore beats.


#4. The Hunting Eyes

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They literally track your every movement. They even have documented records on literally ANYTHING that relates to you. On a more sarcastic note, they give you the impression of being your “Guardian Angels” and never miss the opportunity to interfere in your business. Things can only worsen if you had to take the stairs (because obviously in Lebanon we have a daily electricity cut), which makes you more vulnerable to be detected by their radars.


#5. The Ones Who Turn their House into a Workshop

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It’s because your neighbor “Rana” is never satisfied with how her house looks like. She is constantly nagging her husband “Nabil” about changing the floor tiles or renovating the bathroom. On a brighter note, you won’t need to set any morning alarms as the hammer drill will take the lead on that!


#6. The Scrooge Neighbor

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This type of neighbors can be too stingy with their money. They’re often the ones who have the largest amount of dollars in the neighborhood and, yet, they rarely pay any housekeeping or building maintenance fees. They are in fact always equipped with “strong” arguments for not paying, such as, “My son Imad still didn’t transfer money to me.”


#7. The Captivating Neighbor

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He/She never misses a chance to show how “Seductive” and “Captivating” they are. Your Jagal neighbor, that someone believing that he’s the Lebanese version of James Bond, starts lifting weights on the balcony – all of a sudden – when his female neighbor appears on the window. Vice versa, the latter can even start mopping the floor so “sexily” when he shows up.


#8. The Jack of All Trades 

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They happen to be the ones who think they know how to do everything and anything; engineering, electricity, architecture, plumbing, etc. These are all surprisingly their areas of expertise. This type, in particular, wants to always be involved in EVERYTHING that concerns the building. They also happen to be in the building committee and fighting so hard to maintain their position and preserve their reputation and the prestige of that status. 


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