8 Ways Lebanese Spend Their Summer Sundays in Lebanon

How do Lebanese spend their Sundays during summer? A question that has been going around on the global social media, and, well, it’s time we answer that. Truth is, with all that we have around of opportunities for fun in Lebanon, there are much to say. We might have plenty of issues to deal with in the country, and not too little displeasures, yet something we do have in abundance is the joie de vivre.  


#1 BBQing Outdoors

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Whatever the outdoor area we seek for the day, heading to the North or South or up to the mountains, a barbeque is pretty much okay anywhere, anytime- as long as it is with people we love hanging out with. Lebanon offers an array of locations for that perfect summer BBQ spot.  Whether by the sea or in the mountains, or… just in our home gardens, we love BBQing on a Sun-Day!


#2 Enjoying the beach

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This is probably our favorite, and we don’t lack beautiful beaches and options to hit the seaside on a Sunday.


After a long week of work and commitments, what better way to chill out than swimming and lounging under the sun while savoring the refreshing sea breeze? Lebanon has a long list of beach locations. The options shift from public and private beaches to couples’ beach clubs and family resorts.

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If you are visiting us this summer, check the 14 Beaches in Lebanon That Were Just Declared Safe to Enjoy This Summer.


#3 Embarking on Road Trips

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Road trips are also a favorite of ours during summer, and Sunday is our ideal day to do so. We might be a small country in size but the diversity and varieties available to us for outdoor discovery are amazing.


Due to its size, all scenic destinations are within a short radius, which makes our road trips untiring and more enjoyable. We have beautiful natural gems and treasures we can’t get enough of, whether with the family or with friends.

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Only a couple of hours’ drive can take us to a complete change of scenery, and these are 10 summer road trips you should try if you are new in town.


#4 Working Out outdoors

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Yep! We have been advancing quickly towards a health-oriented lifestyle, and more and more of us have been embracing it with enthusiasm. With summer immersing our country with its warmth, jogging and biking along the coast, or hiking and trekking in the mountains, or doing watersports in our rivers and sea, are among what we love doing on Sundays.


#5 Shopping

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Oh yes, we do love shopping, and spending a Sunday at one of our major malls is something we enjoy a lot with the family. It gives us the opportunity to do, leisurely, the shopping that we can’t throughout the week. Our malls offer also a variety of activities to enjoy other than shopping. From kids’ activities to movie theaters and great restaurants for a happy family lunch.


#6 Immersing in water activities

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We don’t miss those! From jet skiing, rafting, and sailing to banana boating, yachting, scuba-diving, and you name it,  you can see us in multiple places across the country enjoying our water activities. The locations vary all along our coast from the North till the South, as well as farther inland in our rivers and lakes. 


#7 Socializing around meals

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These summer meal outings that bring together family and friends on Sundays are our most loved meal times of the week!


A ride by our mountain restaurants on Sundays will show you why. These outdoor restaurants of ours are always loaded with cheerful vibes, as we enjoy for hours the mezza and grills, followed by fresh fruits and Lebanese dessert.

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The summer weather in our mountains is always ideal during the day, and many of us head to these restaurants for the refreshing breeze and the great food. 


#8 Spa Leisuring

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Yes, you read it right. Sundays could turn for us in a day at the spa, unwinding from all the stress of the week and all these frustrations at our country’s issues. Reaching Sunday, the spa seems the best place to give ourselves a break and take care of our mental and physical wellbeing. In the soothing quietness of the spa, dozing in the steam of the sauna, and getting pampered by a good massage, we get to wish every day is a spa day. 


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