8 Ways You Can Help the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon!

The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) is a medical institution that treats children who have cancer for free. The center is affiliated with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the U.S.A. which was founded by the American actor with a Lebanese heritage Danny Thomas. CCCL ‘s vision and mission are to treat all the children of Lebanon. The hospital relies on the generous donations of some people and organizations. Also, there are many volunteers at the hospital who make sure to brighten up the days of the kids. We have put up a list of the ways you can help CCCL!

8 ways you can helps the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon!

#1 Donate

There are many ways you can


to CCCL. Be it a regular donation or a one-time donation; know that you can financially help CCCL by paying online or by bank transfer. Every penny counts!

#2 Take part in fundraising programs

CCCL has many

fundraising programs

! The center organizes many initiatives in workplaces and schools to make as many people as possible involved in this mission.

#3 Naming opportunities

Did you know that you can cover major costs such as the cost of surgeries or treatments at CCCL? Depending on the amount you have donated, a facility will be


after you or your name will appear on CCCL’s tree of life!

#4 Volunteer 

Time is the most precious gift you can give to someone! You have the opportunity the


either with the kids or with the administration.

#5 Organize an activity for the patients

You can brighten up the children’s day by

organizing a fun day with them

! Whether you want to hold them a singing performance or a puppet show, the kids will appreciate a day that is full of activities!

#6 Organize a fundraising event

Since the CCCL completely relies on donations, you can help the center keep its mission by

organizing a fundraising event


#7 Wish list

Every month, CCCL shares the


of the things that the patients wish they have. You can make their wish come true by purchasing them these items!

#8 Donate blood

Since the children undergo treatments and surgeries, the hospital needs blood on a regular basis. You can

donate blood

to save lives!

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