872 Tickets Issued Already in Lebanon for Violation of Lockdown

Lebanon ISF @LebISF

The Internal Security Forces (ISF) announced that, as of 7:30 PM Tuesday 24 March, it had issued 872 tickets since the lockdown started on Saturday.

Among these tickets issued for the violation of containment measures, 478 tickets were issued on Monday alone.

On their Twitter account, the ISF also announced that they had closed a popular old souk in Tripoli, in North Lebanon, after having received several complaints; all the old souks were also shut down

The public had been previously informed by the state of these measures on Saturday by Prime Minister Hassan Diab urging the citizens to a “self-declared curfew” and to comply with the official directives of the general mobilization.

Similarly, the Minister of the Interior, Mohammad Fahmi had warned that offenses threatening public health would be “punished” and that the police have instructions to enforce these measures.

Evidently, all security forces have stepped up their presence on the streets to force people to stay at home, and the army has increased its patrols as of Saturday evening

During the weekend, the army and the ISF, in coordination with the local authorities, were already working to enforce the measures throughout the country.

From Minieh in the north to Tyr in the south, security forces were present everywhere. By Sunday, they had already issued 227 tickets for violation of the lockdown measures.

Moreover, State Security agents erected several roadblocks in the Kaza of Chouf. They distributed masks and even took the temperature of motorists when their vehicles passed by, according to the National News Agency.

Mobile roadblocks have also been installed on several highways, and the army helicopters flew over several regions, broadcasting messages on loudspeakers demanding that people stay at home.

Additionally, the parliament announced the postponement of its meetings until further notice, including the weekly deputies’ meetings with Speaker Berry. Deputies’ offices were all announced closed as well.

Lebanon’s general mobilization and lockdown are set until March 29th yet expected to extend based on the daily increase in numbers of the affected cases, reaching 304 on Tuesday

All public administrations, companies, businesses, schools, crossing borders, ports, and the airport are closed under the lockdown rules, except supermarkets, bakeries, and stores supplying basic necessities.

On Monday, former Prime Minister Saad Hariri called on the government to declare a state of emergency, believing that the general mobilization had not obtained the expected results.

Several other opposition political parties have called for the Cabinet to declare a state of emergency as well.

In an incident related to the enforcement of the measures, a taxi driver in Tripoli reacted in despair on Tuesday at receiving a fine he can’t possibly pay and set his car on fire.

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