7 Escape Rooms In Lebanon You Should Try With Your Friends


Escape Rooms are exciting games to play with your friends. You have to collaborate with your team in order to solve the problem at hand and escape the room using enigmas, codes, hints, and so on.

These mind-challenging, action-packed games are becoming more and more popular in Lebanon. They are even played by families that get to bond with their children during the challenging game.

If you are a fan of thrill and action and are looking to boost your adrenaline, escaping reality for an hour or so to cheerfully destress, here are some escape rooms in Lebanon you should try.

Note: Booking is required.

#1 Master Escape Room

Located in Antelias, Master Escape Room is one of the best in Lebanon. Try it out to not miss the dream-like experience when you are solving the riddle.

Contact: +961 70532541

#2 BRAINIAC Escape Room

If you are a fan of the Marvel universe, you have to try this Escape Room located in Amchit. To escape you have to use IQ, mechanical and electric puzzles, and the teams can be divided from 2 to 6 people.

Contact: 70910730.

#3 Squit The Game

You can find the Squit The Game in Jdeideh where you can solve riddles and puzzles inspired by the Netflix series “Squid Games”.

Contact: 76432906.


Located in Jounieh, this escape room offers many themes. As of the time of writing, the theme is Escaping the Titanic. Brainscape Escape Room is really fun to try out with your friends or family.

Contact: 76344897

#5 Escape Room – The Gemologist

Escape Room – The Gemologist is a great adventure where you and your team have to enter a Gemologist’s room to steal his $10M diamond. A Mission Impossible type of challenge with plenty of excitement and surprises. This Escape Room has no age limit so your younger siblings or children can join in.

It’s located in Bauchrieh, Center Imad Hachem.

Contact: 71934734.

#6 Haunted Escape Room

The Haunted Escape Room in Bauchrieh offers many thrilling themes like The Haunted Gallery, IT, Saw, The Mummy, and many more. Each room can host up to 15 people. Children are also allowed provided they are with adults.

Contact: 81808233.

#7 Codex Adventures

Codex Adventure in Byblos is an outdoor “escape room” offering two exciting games: Time Travel and Spy School. Both run for 90 minutes and can accommodate from 4 to 10 players. They also customize games if you are a large group and also for children.

Contact:  81 048 014.