9 Injured By Celebratory Gunfire In Tripoli

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Immediately after Hassan Diab announced the resignation of his government, the loud sound of gunfire was heard in Tripoli, the northern capital of Lebanon.

It was a form of celebration at the news that the government resigned.

Of course, it serves to note that with the resignation of Diab’s government, Lebanon is only back where it began October 17 Revolution. Except now with the economic crisis, the looming hunger/famine, the coronavirus, more sufferings, and more justice to demand.

Lebanon is indeed in very bad shape.

Therefore, there isn’t really anything to celebrate. Besides, this shooting in Tripoli has only led to more grief. At least nine people were injured during this pointless celebratory outburst.

People have been so frustrated and angry with the government and the explosion that the news seemed like a victory for many.

One that is full of bitterness for some, while others felt it like a relief, an illusory one nonetheless, like with these fellows who reacted spontaneously, shooting in celebration.

Needless to say that people across Lebanon are still in shock. The Dawleh just gave us a trauma to live with for decades to come and, if there is any justice to be granted in compensation, a lawsuit should be filed.

Just some days ago before the blast, a now-former Lebanese minister wanted to sue the US for an alleged trauma caused by its jets on an Iranian plane with a few Lebanese on board.

How about the nation of 6M people who got traumatized by a real apocalyptic drama?

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