This 95-Year-Old Lebanese Teta Is Going Viral On TikTok!


TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing app that has gained viral status and has a range of users of all ages and professions.

In creative ways, people have been sharing their talents, such as dance moves or lip-syncing, their humor, their life hacks, cute videos, and so much more.

Teta Salam is a 95-year-old grandma and she has 109K followers on TikTok. Some of her videos have been viewed by over 3 million people. How did she become so popular?

The961 got in touch with her grandson, Michel, who runs her TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. He said he had no idea his ‘Teta’ would become so viral.

Michel randomly started his own TikTok when he saw how popular it was. One day, he uploaded a very genuine TikTok with his grandmother and the video went viral on February 14th.

“I uploaded it around 5-5:30 p.m. By 9 p.m. there wasn’t anyone in Lebanon who wasn’t calling me about the video,” he told us. People began asking about where she lives, requesting to take pictures with her.

“I opened TikTok to find that the video had been viewed by two million people. It was everywhere. All over Facebook and on WhatsApp stories,” he recalled.

It wasn’t until the next day that it sunk into Michel that this was really happening. That’s when he changed his handle to @tetasalam and created social media accounts for his Teta.


♬ original sound – michib4

In it, he told her that she was born in 1925 which makes her 95 years old. Her reaction was priceless, and she refused to believe it. Her grandson asked, “What are you then, 10?”

In another video, she told him it’s not true, saying: “They lie and make people older for nothing, look all my friends are my age.”


لا تزال المحاولات مستمرة لافناعها بانها مواليد عام ١٩٢٥ و لكن دون جدوى

♬ original sound – michib4

She is such a sensation that she was featured on MTV news and has been contacted by important Lebanese figures. Michel shared with us that a new video of hers will soon be featured on another Lebanese news channel.


♬ original sound – michib4

The 95-year old Teta Salam lives in the same house with Michel in Minyara, a village in Akkar. She is in good health, and “doesn’t take any medication,” he noted.


اجمل صبحية مع التيتا سلام

♬ original sound – tetasalam

You can watch more of her videos on her TikTok @TetaSalam.

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