Are You Travelling To Lebanon And Need Electricity & Fiber Internet To Get Work Done? Check Out 961 Offices

Getting access to 24/7 electricity and decent-speed internet is a real luxury right now in Lebanon with the aggravating socioeconomic crisis.

If you are coming to Lebanon and are planning to get some work done during your stay, your only option is to secure a reliable workspace that can provide you with that with no hassles.

961 launched 961 Offices to offer exactly that and more.

We offer 24/7 uninterrupted electricity (yes, really!) and access to fiber internet (the fastest speed in Lebanon with peaks of 750mbps).

We also have daily, weekly, and monthly plans to cater to the duration of your stay in Lebanon.

We also have a security team and 24/7 biometric access for when you want to work late at night.

Our modern offices consist of 2 areas for hotdesks where you can find any open spot and get straight to work.

We also have private pods, workspaces for teams, and a meeting room.

We also offer plenty of socializing opportunities like pop-up food tasting by newly opened restaurants and happy hours and BBQ on the terrace. And you will have unlimited access to water, tea, and coffee in our cafeteria.

For more information, email [email protected] or fill out the form here.

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