961’s App Will Bring Back The Iconic Facebook “Poke” & MSN Messenger “Nudge”

Get ready to take a trip down memory lane as 961’s eagerly awaited app is set to bring back two beloved classics from the digital archives – the iconic Facebook “Poke” and MSN Messenger “Nudge” features!

In a nod to the golden era of social networking, 961’s new app will reintroduce these familiar gestures of online interaction, allowing users to playfully reach out and reconnect with friends, family, and fellow app users in a whole new way.

Remember the thrill of receiving a friendly “Poke” notification on Facebook? Prepare to experience that same sense of nostalgia as 961’s app brings back this playful gesture, inviting users to poke, prod, and nudge their way into each other’s digital lives.

But that’s not all – for those who fondly recall the days of MSN Messenger and its signature “Nudge” feature, rejoice!

961’s app will also resurrect this classic form of communication, allowing users to send gentle reminders, friendly nudges, and playful prompts to their contacts with just a tap of a button.

Whether you’re looking to break the ice with a long-lost friend, reignite a dormant conversation, or simply spread a bit of digital cheer, the return of the “Poke” and “Nudge” features on 961’s app promises to add a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your online interactions.

961 will also require an IQ test for users to leave a comment in the app.

Although this is an April Fool’s joke, we are actually launching an amazing app that we’ve spent the last 2 years working on.

961’s soon-to-launch app will challenge your perceptions and expectations of what media is and how it will be consumed for years to come. We’re challenging the status quo starting in Lebanon.