A 61-Year-Old Lebanese Woman Just Gave Birth to Twins!

In an exceptional case in Lebanon, Mrs. Mariam Awada, a 61-year-old Lebanese woman, just gave birth to twins: Hassan and Amir.


For 23 years, Mrs. Awada and her husband underwent fertility treatments, seeking to conceive. At no time through these long years had they lost hope once!

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For over two decades, Mrs. Awada kept dreaming that one day she will come to carry her own children, and she finally did. “I hope God would never deprive anyone of hearing the words mama and papa,” she shared with An-Nahar Newspaper.


Via Annahar

On her eighth month of pregnancy, Mariam underwent successful cesarian surgery to deliver her long-awaited first babies. Both infants are in good health, so is the delighted mother currently resting at Al Hayat hospital, in Beirut, with her newborn twins.

Mariam is overwhelmed with gratitude. She thanks everyone who helped her make her dream come true after all these years. Her biggest gratitude, she says, remains towards God and Dr. Shady Faqih for manifesting her dream into a reality with the birth of healthy twins.


Dr. Shady Faqih, Maryam’s doctor, told An-Nahar Newspaper, “The birth of Mariam’s babies has changed her life.” In a statement known to all mothers since the onset of times, he added, “The indescribable feeling of motherhood is priceless.”

The961 wishes Mrs. Awada a good recovery and a happy life to the new parents and their babies. Congratulations from all the team at The961!

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