A Cat Café Is Officially Opening In Beirut!

To all cat lovers, we’ve got great news for you! The first cat café in Lebanon will open by the end of 2017! In fact, Beirut Cat Café will be located at Beirut Waterfront! This great initiative is collaborating with BETA Lebanon and Petriotics. BETA is an NGO that protects animals, and Petriotics is an online platform that sells pet supplies and pet food. In fact, the café will look like a typical coffee shop where there will be cats walking around! Also, the visitors can grab food and drinks, and spend their free time in a safe and a calm atmosphere! Of course, the café has a set of rules that visitors should follow to ensure that customers will get a great experience! The cats that will be there are shelter cats which will be provided by BETA. They will be clean and vaccinated, so customers do not need to worry about this issue! This initiative will give people the opportunity to relax. Also, the cats at the café will be always surrounded by people who will pet them, and play with them. We reached out to the owner of Beirut Cat Café, Lynn Al Khouri, and we asked her some questions related to the café!

How did you get the idea?

I’ve been an animal lover for as long as I can remember, and cats in specific have a special place in my heart. I already have two at home. The idea of a cat café has been blooming for a while now, starting in Japan and moving on to Europe, Canada, America, and even Dubai. I just felt that the Lebanese society has the potential to accept and embrace this new and exciting experience.

What will the customers be able to do with the cats?

They will be able to hang out with the cats, pet them, play with them, and even adopt them!

How beneficial is a cat café for the cats and the visitors?

Animals, especially cats, can have a positive and a therapeutic effect on people. Beirut Cat Café will provide a relaxing and a happy experience for our visitors. As for the cats, they will be pampered and cared for, and most importantly they will be up for adoption!

How are shelter cats perceived by the Lebanese community?

Speaking out of personal experience, people tend to misjudge shelter animals in general. They are believed to be unappealing, sick, and even unclean. One of the café’s goals, in collaboration with BETA, is to change that view which some people have, and encourage them to adopt and not shop if they are planning on having a cat as a pet.

Are you looking forward to opening a dog café?

A dog café sounds awesome, and I would definitely visit one! Unfortunately, it is not within our plans for the time being. We wish Lynn the best of luck!

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