A Controversial Photo Of Lebanese Forces And Aouni MPs Is Going Viral

MPs Melhem Riachy, Ghada Ayoub, and Nada Boustani caused a lot of controversy with their group photos on Saturday, June 11th.

LF MP Ghada Ayoub and FPM MP Nada Boustani were laughing and smiling while taking group photos in matching dresses, with LF MP Melhem Riachy joining them.

The photos have caught the attention of many Lebanese people who criticized all three MPs. LF and FPM are known to be rivals in Lebanese politics and were accused of fueling hatred amongst their supporters. Both parties were rivals during the Lebanese Civil War.

FPM leader Gebran Bassil said in one of his electoral campaign speeches that whoever votes for LF is voting for ISIS. On the other hand, LF holds FPM responsible for the economic crisis.

This is not the first time that MP Melhem Riachy attracts attention due to his controversial acts in the parliament. In his first parliamentary session, Riachy was seen shaking hands with Amal MP Ali Hassan Khalil, one of the people charged by judge Tarek Bitar over the Beirut Port Explosion.

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