A Cool Eco-Friendly Initiative in a Lebanese School in The South!

The municipality of Ansar welcomed students back to school this September by creating garbage containers made up of essentials recyclable materials that can cause an overflow of landfills, and destruction of natural habitat, if not recycled.


The environmental committee of the municipality of Ansar organized an eco-friendly activity day with the help of tenth graders from Ansar public High School. Together, they created recycling containers made up of aluminum, paper, organic materials, and plastic.

These creative recycled containers were put in the playground of the school where kids usually spend their lunchtime and throw their lunch waste.

Via Baladiyat Ansar


After collecting the most renowned recyclable materials, the committee thought of a way they can turn these materials into containers for the students of the school. By seeing how each container is shaped, kids now find it easy to know where to throw what.

Via Go Green and Save Green

It is a great idea that teaches our kids concretely how to recycle and what material goes where instead of instructing without an actual vision of where plastic should be or even what is conceived as plastic and what is conceived as paper.


Not only does the initiative help in turning the school into a good and loyal friend of the environment, but it also teaches a whole new generation about the importance of keeping our Earth green, by letting them take responsibility in helping create recycled containers for recycling!

Via Baladiyat Ansarr

These children are now learning that, when we are part of the problem, we must be part of the solution by adjusting our behaviors and mindset. In that, it is a new generation being raised to be more consciously aware of the environment they are part of.  


If you thought this could not get any better, you are wrong! The committee even made a container decorated with photos of birds, urging kids to throw their organic waste (their sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, etc.) so the birds can get a fair share of the kids’ lunches! The bird container is called khayrak la tayrak : Your good blessing is for your bird.

Via Go Green and Save Green

You got to agree with me; these recycling containers are also pretty cool!


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