A Faster Highway Just Opened in South of Lebanon

Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil and Public Works and Transport Minister Youssef Fenianos opened the Imam Moussa Al-Sadr Highway, which starts at the Nabatieh village of Kfar Roummane and passes through the towns of Jermaq, Marjayoun, and Hasbaya, and is connected to Bekaa and Syria.


Via Lebanon Debate

Ministers Ali Hasan Khalil and Youssef Fenianos joined in cutting together the red ribbon to open the highway in a ceremony attended by a number of local MPs, officials, and other politicians.

During the opening ceremony, the Minister of Finance explained that this highway connects not only Kfarman with Marjayoun, but also links areas of the south with each other, and from there to the Bekaa and Syria.


He explained, “This road was planned and designed since decades and that’s because of its strategic importance and its importance in facilitating the life of the citizen to remain linked to his land, specifically in the areas of Marjeyoun, Hasbaya, Rachaya and all areas of Jabal Amel.”


“Today we are facing two real demands, the entrance of Nabatiyeh, which this highway connects to and the rest of the regions, and the road that we will need for years, which is from Jarmaq to this highway and from this highway to Al-Khardali,” he pointed out.


From his side, Minister Fenianos stated that the highway is an important connecting point. He elaborated that this highway project was started by the previous ministry that had completed two stages, and he has now come to finish it with the third, fourth, and fifth stages.

“The total amount spent for this highway is 51 billion LL ($34 million) and, this year, the last part will be implemented, and that is the fifth stage which I signed,” Minister Fenianos said.




“This commitment will be continued, and we will link all these areas to each other, especially since this road does not link  Kfarerman to Marjayoun, which is a key link to the Bekaa and Syria,” Minister Fenianos concluded.

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