A Festive Sunday of National Unity All Along the Coast of Lebanon

On Sunday, November 24, the coastal cities of Lebanon will witness the gathering of tens of thousands of Lebanese, from the North to the South, for a day of meal sharing, music, and dabkeh in a new initiative aiming to reinstate the Lebanese tradition of Khebez w Melih and hence break the new barrier between the pro-revolution and the non-revolutionaries. 


Under the theme Khebez w Melih (Bread and Salt), this unique initiative, which is coordinated by Dar Qumbaz, the Human Chain team, and several of the initiating individuals, calls for family, friends, and neighbors to gather around common tables along the coast. 

Those who have no access to neighboring coasts are invited to partake in the plazas or the parks and gardens of their villages. The organizers intend to bring back, during these unusual times, the Lebanese Sunday tradition of family and friends’ activities and meal gatherings, for a day of peace and joy.

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In light of the current situation in Lebanon, and the escalation of differences and division of opinion between the revolutionaries and the political partisans, the organizers are inviting all sides to come together, for at least one day where the Lebanese principle of bread and salt rules.

That principle in our culture stipulates that those who share Bread and Salt should avoid later conflicts and enact respect towards each other’s values and dignity. 

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After the initiatives of the Human Chain and the Zaytouna Bay Breakfast, both which united the nation together across old and new barriers, the Bread and Salt’s event comes to make a similar call for unity in the spirit of peace and joy.

The invitation on social media invites everybody to bring their food and beverages, and garbage bags to keep the coast clean. Musical instruments and social games are also encouraged. Musicians and performers are also being called to join in. Songs and dabke’s are on the menu.

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While some 10 locations for meet-ups have been set up,  the invitation is for all the regions of Lebanon, from north to south, from coast to the mountains; also across the oceans to the Lebanese diaspora.

Expatriates are also invited to participate from their locations around the world, connecting in spirit with their fellow Lebanese in the homeland, and sharing photos of their day.


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