A Free Christmas Street Festival Is Taking Place This December In The Heart Of Batroun


Get ready for the Christmas celebrations in Batroun, Lebanon!

Known for its vibrant activities and crowds throughout the year, Batroun has emerged as a prime tourist destination and has been dubbed the ‘Capital of Christmas’ in Lebanon in recent years.

The town inaugurated its large Christmas village, featuring various activities, particularly for children, musical concerts, and a large market where traders exhibit a diverse range of products, including Lebanese and international foods, crafts, gifts, and more.

Yara Harb, the media spokesperson for the Batroun International Festival Committee, shared with IMLebanon that the celebrations would continue in the area until January 7 to coincide with the Armenian Christmas. She noted that activities for children, including plays every Friday and parades on Saturdays and Sundays, are free of charge.

Additionally, recitals are scheduled for December 20 and 21 with performances by Elia Francis and artist Nader Khoury, respectively, in Mar Estephan Cathedral. These concerts are also free of charge.

Harb also mentions a special Santa Claus house in Lady’s Square, where children can write letters, with random selections made to fulfill their wishes on Christmas night. She emphasized the committee’s hard work over the years, stating that Batroun is now reaping the rewards of its efforts, establishing itself as a leading tourist destination and the ‘Capital of Christmas’.

Local residents, particularly those in the old town who endure the large crowds, were thanked for their constant smiles, love, and hospitality to all visitors.

One of the traders in the Christmas market expressed joy over the heavy turnout of Lebanese citizens, highlighting their determination to celebrate the festive season despite challenging circumstances. This sentiment underscores the community’s support for each other during these tough times.

Lastly, a family man touring the Christmas market with his children pointed out Batroun’s unique energy, which distinguishes it from other areas hosting Christmas celebrations, attributing this positive energy to the residents and naturally making Batroun the ‘Capital of Christmas’.

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