Man Who Protested Against Hezbollah MP Last Night In Lebanon Arrested At Home (Videos)

A Guy Who Protested Against MP Hussein Hajj Hassan Last Night In Lebanon Has Been Arrested
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A man, who was among many people that protested against the presence of Hezbollah MP Hussein Hajj Hassan in their town yesterday, has been arrested.

A video is circulating all over social media that shows alleged armed military intelligence units arresting Hussein Al Mokahal.

Hussein had participated in surrounding and kicking out Hezbollah MP Hussein Hajj Hassan from a religious ceremony last night in the town of Ali el-Nahri, near Zahle.

Witnesses also claim that Hussein, along with many others, fought back against the MP’s bodyguards who violently tried to protect him.

In the video that Hussein recorded in his own house, the intelligence units appear to be wearing masks to hide their identities and can be heard continuously ordering Hussein to stop recording them as they follow him from one room to another.

Hussein shared his arrest through a live video that he posted on his Facebook account.

Another video taken from Ali el-Nahri shows several others also getting arrested which sparked outrage among the town’s residents.

In a tweet, Hajj Hassan completely denied being kicked out last night claiming that all that is circulating is a “cheap attempt to stir up discord for clear purposes.”