A Huge Whale Was Just Seen Off The Coast In Lebanon (Video)

Whales are not uncommon visitors to Lebanon’s coastline, appearing at various times throughout the year as part of their seasonal migration patterns.

Recently, a remarkable video captured the attention of many when a fisherman’s lens captured footage of a massive whale measuring approximately 8 meters long stranded on the shores of al-Abdeh in Akkar.

Professor Michel Bariche, a respected marine science expert at the American University of Beirut, identified the whale as likely belonging to the “Bryde’s Whale” species.

He told Al-Jadeed, “Lebanon’s coastal waters are part of the regular migration route for these magnificent creatures”.

The video quickly went viral on social media platforms, with many individuals sharing and circulating the remarkable sightings.

While such occurrences may seem extraordinary, specialists reassure that it is not uncommon for whales to be spotted along Lebanon’s shores, highlighting the rich biodiversity of the region’s marine environment.

Back in 2020, a killer whale was spotted in Lebanese waters for the first time, swimming close to the boat off the coast of Khalde.

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